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Meatball And Mozzarella Pan Bake. New Music From Andrew Bayer Ft. Alison May.

Waiter: Do you want a box for your leftovers? Diner: No. But I’ll wrestle you for them. So. Bad. Meatball And Mozzarella Pan Bake. So. Good. This one pan rustic recipe is cozy and comforting. Lots and lots of cheese … Continue reading

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Glorified Hot Dogs. New Music From Parrot Dream.

glo·ri·fied ˈɡlôrəˌfīd/Submit adjective 1. (especially of something or someone ordinary or unexceptional) represented in such a way as to appear more elevated or special. Glorified Hot Dogs. Kind of a weird name for some grilled franks, but the pickles, cheese … Continue reading

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Explosion Cake. New Music From Lightning Echoes.

As any long time reader will know, I absolutely adore crazy cakes. Whether colorful, different, insanely rich….anything that draws a “Wow!”. This Explosion Cake fits the bill. Layers of colored cake are filled with a mixture of candy that spills … Continue reading

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Bacon, Gorgonzola And Artichoke Dip. New Music From Moderate Rebels.

Quick and easy, this tasty Bacon, Gorgonzola And Artichoke Dip is always gone in a flash. Bonus: You can assemble it up to one day in advance. Bacon, Gorgonzola And Artichoke Dip Ingredients: 5 slices packaged precooked bacon 1 can … Continue reading

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Blue Lagoon Cocktails. Listening To Frøkedal.

Oh my! Who besides me saw that movie in theaters? Yes, I am that old. Cool off on a hot summer day with this easy and refreshing cocktail. The blue hue and the umbrella scream fun. Blue Lagoon Cocktails Ingredients: … Continue reading

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Short And Sweet. Easy S’more Bites.

It’s summer which means most of us want to dig into s’mores at least once or a hundred times. If you don’t have an open flame to roast marshmallows over, try this clever little recipe which makes cute little mini … Continue reading

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