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Aperol Spritzer Cocktail. Drinking With The Drunk Nuns.

I’ve been on a Campari kick since I (finally) discovered the Negroni. Aperol is the other very popular Italian bitter aperitif. It is sweeter than Campari with a pronounced orange flavor and lower alcohol content. If you find Campari too … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Graham Cracker Muffins

Cute kittens flying for Friday? Why not? I’m a sucker for graham crackers in desserts. Putting them in muffins is like having dessert first thing in the morning. There are few things that I like more! These are seriously good … Continue reading

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Grilled Polenta, Cheese And Veggies. Blasting Blame It On Pablo.

I love trying to cook different foods on the grill. I saw this recipe for Grilled Polenta, Cheese And Veggies and knew I had to try it. No disappointment here. Slices of polenta and cheese, along with a variety of … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Macaroni And Cheese. New Music From Mary Cassidy And Jon Lawless.

This made me laugh. Once again I have turned to Pinterest for inspiration in the dinner department. One of the recipes on my Must Make This board was for Crock Pot Macaroni And Cheese. After my success making dreamy Slow … Continue reading

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Blueberry-Nectarine Pie. Tribe Of The Mountain Singing About Some Blueberry Glutton.

If you took that nostalgic trip down Sesame Street you will soon figure out how it ties into today’s post. One morning not long ago, my teenaged daughter spent 3 hours making her first pie from scratch. It was to … Continue reading

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Rich Soda Bread. Lovely Debut Song From The Chilterns.

Scott, from The Chilterns, likes making bread so he requested a good soda bread recipe. How about a Rich Soda Bread recipe? This one is definitely good enough to match his terrific music. Soda Bread is a quick bread that … Continue reading

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Buffalo Chicken Salad. New Music From Lowly Spects.

Yes you are, dear chicken. Especially when you are grilled, slathered in buttery hot sauce and served on a cool bed of lettuce along with some crunchy carrots and celery, then drizzled with a creamy blue cheese sauce. Fantastic! (and … Continue reading

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Loaded-Up Pretzel Cookies

Now I’m going to have to pull out my Saturday Night Fever album and get busy dancing with that disco pretzel. I have the three piece white suit, too. Oh yes I do! These Loaded-Up Pretzel Cookies didn’t last more … Continue reading

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Pozole Burritos. Rocking Out To Navy Skies.

Burrito=Beautiful. Especially if it is filled with a spicy red sauce, vegetables, cheese and hominy. This recipe calls for baking the burritos on a very hot sheet pan. By oven-frying in this manner the tortillas have a lovely crisp exterior, … Continue reading

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Salmon, Asparagus, And Shiitakes In Parchment. Listening To Waiters.

Q: What do romantic fish sing to each other? A: Salmon-chanted evening Q: Why are fish so smart? A: They are always in schools Q: What is dry on the outside, filled with water and blows up buildings? A: A … Continue reading

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