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Kale, Pecan And Pear Salad. New Music From Jennie Abrahamson.

I love nuts and fruits in salads, especially if they are warm like these pears and lightly caramelized pecans. The kale is simply prepped with the usual oil massage to make it tender. I used baby kale because it is … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken. New Music From The Goldhearts.

With only 8 minutes of prep time required, this is one of the quickest slow cooker recipes out there. (Nice oxymoron, eh?) Even if you shudder at the thought of using canned soup, it makes a nice base here and … Continue reading

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Scottish Tablet. New Music From Little Waves.

No, not that tablet. I’m here to sing the praises of Scottish Tablet. Yum. Tablet, sometimes called Scottish Fudge, is a creamy, yet gritty, sweet confection that melts in your mouth. It’s a total sugar party. One piece is never … Continue reading

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Maple Granola. New Music From The Echo And The Sound.

She was inclined to be laid-back. HaHa. Very punny. Homemade granola is so easy that I have no idea why I still buy it all the time. This super simple, not very sweet recipe has a lovely maple flavor. It … Continue reading

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Baked Coconut Shrimp With Tropical Rice. New Music From Bronte.

Life’s a beach with this healthy, light, easy and flavorful dinner on the table. The coconut shrimp has all of the crunch of the ever-popular fried versions served up as restaurant appetizers, but get their crisp magic in the oven. … Continue reading

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Banana Chocolate Chunk Cake With Rum Cream Cheese Icing. New Music From The Shills.

Need to use up some ripe bananas? This Banana Chocolate Chunk Cake With Rum Cream Cheese Icing is a terrific option. The dark chocolate chunks contrast wonderfully with the moist, sweet banana cake and the tangy icing. Banana Chocolate Chunk … Continue reading

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Chili With Ranch Sour Cream. New Music From Marlowe Grey.

What makes this chili a complete standout is the Ranch Sour Cream. It’s absolutely amazing, especially combined with the fried onions. Even if you swear by your favorite chili recipe, try it with these toppings. So good. Chili With Ranch … Continue reading

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Kale And Quinoa Bowl With Tofu And Mushrooms. New Music From Sleater-Kinney.

If you love the show Portlandia then you’ll be crazy about the new Portlandia cookbook. It’s funny, creative, and highly entertaining. But, most importantly, it’s packed with easy to follow recipes that celebrate the cutting edge food culture of Portland, … Continue reading

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Short And Sweet. Graham Cracker Brownies.

The parrot one is my favorite. Okay peeps, Polly want a cracker? Yes, if it is in the form of these Graham Cracker Brownies. Four ingredients and about one half hour of your time gets you a pan full of … Continue reading

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Chicken With Parsley Sauce And Lemon Butter Broccoli. New Music From Chirping.

It’s cookbook month over here in my kitchen. I have almost 200 cookbooks that I adore. They have stiff competition now from the 14 cooking magazines I subscribe to and the enormous internet packed with recipes. So, what I do … Continue reading

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