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Broccoli And Three Cheese Lasagna With Mixed Green Salad. Enjoying The Funky Music Of Sinkane.

Remember this guy? Well, look what I just found. Screaming Sheep are so freaking funny. (Oddly, the word fuck is in the url.) I need to see these crazy sheep in real life! Let me know if you have some … Continue reading

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Rosewater Madeleines And Classic Madeleines. Dead Happy Listening To New Band Very Well.

Winter, to be exact. And completely unrelated to today’s recipes. Back around the beginning of the school year, when I thought I would have SO much more time with the kids in school (that surplus of never ending time never … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Barbecued Country Ribs. Smoking Hot New Song From Churchill.

Sometimes you need a “Oh, isn’t that so cute” moment in your day. Here’s one. Slow cooking doesn’t get easier than this recipe for BBQ ribs. Just mix up three ingredients, spoon over the ribs and wave bye-bye. Say “hello” … Continue reading

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Cajun Country Meat Loaf And Roasted Salted Fan Potatoes. New Music From The Mouse That Ate The Cat.

Diner: “Waiter! What’s this fly doing in my alphabet soup?” Waiter: “Learning to read, sir!” Chiles, garlic, pepper, mustard, onion. Classic Cajun seasonings star in this intensely flavorful and moist meatloaf. The Salted Fan Potatoes are an elegant side to … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chunk Cookies. My 50 Favorite Songs Of 2012.

It’s that time of year. Festive Fifty time, that is. Here is my top fifty favorite songs of 2012. 1. Meursault-Flittin’ 2. Meursault-Settling 3. Jesus H. Foxxe-Elegy For The Good 4. Jesus H. Foxxe-So Much Water 5. Twilight Sad-Another Bed … Continue reading

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Double Shell Beef and Bean Tacos

After weeks of feasts, some simple tacos make a perfect and easy dinner. The double shell, held together with refried beans, is genius. The beef filling has just the right taco seasoning balance and gets added flavor from the addition … Continue reading

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Raspberry Gin

Q: What did Adam say on the day before Christmas? A: It’s Christmas, Eve! Well, it’s not Christmas eve, but Christmas. Happy Christmas to all of you who celebrate the day. Here is a festive drink to make. Raspberry gin … Continue reading

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Guinness Reindeer

Aren’t those Reindeer the cutest things? Not a recipe today, but if you need an idea for a last minute gift here is one for you. I love Guinness, but you can substitute any long neck beer you like or … Continue reading

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Stand And De–Liver. As In Velvety Liver Parfait.

Last in the series of Duck videos. So cute. (Viral, so I’m sure you’ve probably seen it already.) If you are a paté person, you will be all over this ultra smooth, rich and flavorful version. Even if you think … Continue reading

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Taco Pasta. Just Wild About New Band Little Things Like Kiwis.

I came across this video when I posted that video of the ducks crossing the highway the other day. It feels so wrong to laugh, but I cannot help it. Gone with the wind. Tacos. Love them. Pasta. Yes, please. … Continue reading

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