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Sweet White Scones. New Music From Two Wounded Birds.

This is worth it just for “MY Eye! My Only Eye!”. Cracks me up. Of course, Skittles has nothing to do with Scones apart from the fact that they both start with S. Big debate in my house: Sc-OWN or … Continue reading

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Paneer With Broccolini. Stir Fried Minced Beef And Noodles.

So, do you want to See what I found funny today? This. These recipes are not hard either. Bonus is that they are more interesting than your standard stir fries, too. If you haven’t tried paneer, a mild Indian cheese … Continue reading

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Fudgy Chocolate Chip Toffee Bars (Make The Most Over The Top Ice Cream Sundaes)

Sundae Speakers anyone? They look pretty sweet, but how do they sound? I do know how these Fudgy Chocolate Chip Toffee Bars sound. They sound Freakin’ Amazing. They ARE amazing. A toffee studded graham crust topped with a thick, gooey … Continue reading

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Buffalo Chicken Sloppy Joes With Some Autumn Beans On The Side

Did you ever see this photo? Jaysus. Wait! Don’t go. You want to get that image out of your head and make these really wonderful Buffalo Chicken Sloppy Joes. If you love Buffalo wings you’ll really like these super simple … Continue reading

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Short And Sweet. Lemon Curd and Raspberry Pots.

This dessert is Easy Peasy Lemon Sqeezey. I didn’t make up that description, but that is what it is. Summer in a bowl. Tart yet sweet raspberries, crisp but getting soft meringue, the tang of lemon curd…all swirled together with … Continue reading

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Pizza Pizza. Black Bean Mexican And Chicken Fajita. Bacchanal Party Anyone?

Pizza Pizza Anyone remember those old Little Caesars’ Commercials from waaay back? They were (are) ridiculous, but all these years later I still say “Pizza Pizza”, out of the blue, in that silly voice. The poodle is just plain creepy … Continue reading

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Salted Caramel Pecan Mini Cheesecakes. Some New Lotus Plaza.

This photo made me laugh. These Salted Caramel Pecan Mini Cheesecakes almost made me cry….with happiness. You have probably figured out by now that I love Salted Caramel desserts. There was that dreamy Salted Caramel Vanilla Cheesecake that I made … Continue reading

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Loaded Nacho Burgers. Catchy New Song From Two Wings.

Who’s got the Doritos? We’ve got the Doritos. And they are crushed and baked into biscuits. The Nacho Biscuits are filled with nacho flavored burgers, slathered with nacho cheese sauce and piled high with toppings. Really good. One note, though. … Continue reading

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Bakewell Tarts. My Musician Of The Moment Is Neil Pennycook.

I listen to a lot of music. I bake a lot. There, that covers the intro. Now go make these melt in your mouth classic British tarts bursting with raspberry jam and a sublime almond filling. Make sure you have … Continue reading

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Double Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookies. New Music From Doldrums.

Oreos again. I can’t help it. Oreos are just so good in desserts. I’ve got a batch of miniature Oreo cheesecakes in the oven right now, which look and smell soooo good. More about those another day. Today, in the … Continue reading

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