Anti-Gravity M&M Cake. Listening To Supermoon.

Anti-Gravity M&M Cake
THIS cake!

I saw a photo of an Anti-Gravity cake a few weeks ago and have been dying to give it a try. The perfect opportunity lent itself yesterday when I had to choose a birthday cake to make for myself. (Don’t worry…I love making cakes for my birthday. My husband always offers to give me a day off and bring home a Carvel cake, but as much as I adore Carvel, I’m totally into baking myself something fantastic).

Impress children of all ages with an Anti-Gravity M&M Cake. It’s surprisingly simple and completely fab looking. You can use your favorite candy, but M&Ms make such an irresistible colorful splash.

Anti-Gravity M&M Cake
Anti-Gravity M&M Cake


Your favorite layer cake (I made this “intense chocolate cake”)
Your favorite icing (I made this cream cheese icing)
8 (1.5 oz) Kit Kat bars
2 (11.4 oz) bags M&Ms. (You won’t need all of the M&Ms, but it is helpful to have a back-up in case you rip the bag wrong)
1 pretzel rod
2 oz melted chocolate


1. Add a dab of icing to a rimmed cake plate to help keep the cake in place. (A rimmed plate keeps those M&Ms from falling all over the place)

2. Fill the cake layers with icing and cover the rest of the cake with icing so it’s completely covered.(I each of my 2 (8 inch) cake layers in half so that I had 4 layers for a little bit more of a dramatic presentation when sliced).

3. Cut each Kit Kat bar in half and press around the edge of the cake leaving an opening at the front.

4. Push the pretzel rod into the cake.
Anti-Gravity M&M Cake

5. Press the M&M’s into the icing around the pretzel rod and down the front of the cake.
Anti-Gravity M&M Cake

6. Use the back of a spoon to “paint” melted chocolate onto the pretzel. Affix the M&M’s. (Don’t get discouraged if a few fall off. Just put a dab of chocolate on the M&M and press it back on. As the chocolate cools it will act like a glue)

7. Balance the empty M&M bag on the end of the pretzel. Lightly press it into the chocolate coated pretzel to keep it in place.

Makes one awesome cake

Recipe slightly adapted from Good To Know
Anti-Gravity M&M Cake
Anti-Gravity M&M Cake

And here goes one awesome song.

“Jim Henson Memorial Bench Low​-​Down Manhattan Tour Blues” is one heck of a song title.

If you think you recognize the singer, well it is none other than the magnificent Neil Pennycook defying gravity with his Supermoon project. Meursault, Supermoon, Animal Magic Tricks, Withered Hand….wherever Neil’s present you know it is going to be excellent.

Check out Supermoon aka Neil Pennycook on the Meursault Facebook page. (“I used to be called Meursault. Then I was called Supermoon. Now I am called Meursault again.”) You can buy the music here.


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