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Slow Cooker Pork Pozole. New Music From Plajia.

Alright. Get that image out of your head and feast your eyes on this delicious slow cooker meal. Slightly spicy Pork Pozole is super easy to make. Just mix up the ingredients in a slow cooker and cook until pork … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Party Mix. New Music From T-Shirt Weather.

Salty, crunchy, savory, sweet, spicy. This Slow Cooker Party Mix has it all. I usually whip up a big batch of White Trash or Caramel White Trash every December so that I have a bunch of easy to package snack … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Chicken With Figs And Lemon. Listening To Foxtails Brigade.

I always forget how much I like figs until I eat them. They are especially good in this super easy slow cooker dinner. The yummy lemon and Dijon sauce is perfect with the tender chicken thighs and sweet figs. Slow … Continue reading

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Ranch Style Brisket And Beans. New Music From Kalle Mattson.

Ranch style beans, a Texas staple, are pinto beans cooked in a highly addictive tomato-chile gravy. In this slow cooker dish, dried pinto beans are transformed to their tender end state without getting mushy. No soaking, no worrying. Add beef … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Black Bean Chili. Listening To Tyler Stenson.

Keep the kitchen cool by firing up the slow cooker for this satisfying vegetarian Black Bean Chili. No need to pre-soak the dried black beans. They cook up tender and not at all mushy. I love piling on all the … Continue reading

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Jamaican Jerk Chicken Sliders With Pineapple Salsa. New Music From The Muchmores.

Q: Why did Beethoven get rid of all his chickens? A: They kept saying, “Bach, Bach, Bach!” Nothing like a recipe that delivers big flavor but requires little work. That’s what we have today. The slow cooked chicken gets a … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken. New Music From The Goldhearts.

With only 8 minutes of prep time required, this is one of the quickest slow cooker recipes out there. (Nice oxymoron, eh?) Even if you shudder at the thought of using canned soup, it makes a nice base here and … Continue reading

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