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Dutch Baby With Cranberry Orange Syrup. TSDOLE Singing In The Shadows.

Remember this? Breakfast time. Have you ever had a Dutch Baby Pancake before? It is an eggy skillet bake somewhat like a sweet Yorkshire Pudding. Dutch Babies are great to whip up when you are cooking for a bunch of … Continue reading

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Frozen Pineapple Mango Jalapeño Cocktails To Spice Up Your Day

Looking for a drink that is a little out of the ordinary? These Pineapple Mango Jalapeño Cocktails are smooth and refreshing. Not too sweet and the hint of spice from the chile and salt is surprisingly good. I doubled the … Continue reading

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A Happy Meal. Cod With Jalapeño Vinaigrette And Green Israeli Couscous. Sad Songs.

The best way to communicate with a fish is to drop it a line. I’m not joking when I tell you that this is a very Happy Meal. The jalapeño vinaigrette is outstanding and marries so well with the pan … Continue reading

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Hearty Havarti Cheese Fondue. More Cheesy Music.

Cheese, anyone? Looks like this fellow can haz some cheez. Poor cat. I make fondue about once a year, usually on New Year’s Eve. (I’d make it more often, but it is a meal that consists of a vat of … Continue reading

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Lemon Curd Cupcakes. Walk Off The Earth (have strolled into the kitchen).

Because you cannot live on cupcakes alone, how about some toys? I’m thinking I need an inflatable church. These are very elegant cupcakes. The tang of the lemon curd makes them irresistible. They were a family favorite. Lemon Curd Cupcakes … Continue reading

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Easy Granola. Gotye Has Got Me.

Thinking about granola makes me think of this joke wrapper. (Image from Jockjams) There was a whole bunch of these mock wrappers traveling around the net awhile ago. This one was my favorite. You can check out some more over … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Italian Sausages With Provolone

I saw this posted on, well, Twitter. “Twitter: The Movie”. It’s like “The Social Network”, but with fewer characters.” Haha! Cracks me up. Onto Dinner. This slow cooker recipe is outrageously easy and very good. The Italian dressing makes such … Continue reading

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Raspberry Chocolate Chip Bakery Style Muffins

I love this video. So funny. I love these muffins. So good. I don’t know why I don’t make muffins more often. They are so easy to do, easily portable and usually really yummy. I loved how big these muffins … Continue reading

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Short And Sweet. Twinkie Tiramisu.

I saw this recipe the other day and knew I had to make it immediately. Alas, Twinkie Trouble once again. When I made Minion Cupcakes I wrote about how difficult it was to find Twinkies in the area that I … Continue reading

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Pepperoni Pizza Casserole

Do you want something that is Purrfect to feed a crowd? No, definitely not cat that. This. Super easy, super tasting. Pepperoni Pizza Casserole has all those great pizza flavors layered up in a baking dish. So good. Pepperoni Pizza … Continue reading

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