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Cranberry Salsa With Cilantro And Chiles. New Music From TALMA.

Well that is about all my brain can handle after the grueling cooking marathon that led up to Thursday’s thanksgiving feast. Always well worth it, but that last hour you have to think so hard to get everything ready and … Continue reading

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Turtle Cookies. New Music From Gilbert Lee.

These Turtle Cookies are a cross between a cookie and a fudge candy. The sweetened condensed milk gives the cookies a chewy texture while the crisp pecans add some crunch. The irony of me making this recipe is that it … Continue reading

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Roast Jerusalem Artichoke, Chestnut And Thyme Soup. New Music From CHANCES.

My husband absolutely adores Jerusalem artichokes. I could take or leave the knobbly tubers, but mostly because I detested peeling the damn things. Now that he grows his own, the skin is much thinner so all the artichokes need is … Continue reading

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Chicken Pot Pie Ragu. New Music From Lucas Oswald.

When you don’t have time to work with a pastry crust, you can get all of the delicious flavors of chicken pot pie in this delicious ragu and toss it with a warm bowl of noodles. A crisp sprinkling of … Continue reading

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Caramel Apple Crisp Bars. New Music From Kedr Livanskiy.

I am just back from a week in Russia to visit my daughter who is studying in Moscow for the fall semester. What a trip! Moscow is a glorious capital city full of beautiful things to see. My girl knows … Continue reading

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Crispy Baked Taco Wings. New Music From FEHM.

Q: Why don’t chickens like people? A: They beat eggs. Thinking about what to serve while watching some football? Give these Crispy Baked Taco Wings a try. The corn chip coating gets super crisp in the oven while the chicken … Continue reading

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Avocado Hummus. New Music From CHILDCARE.

Did you hear about the vegetarian that died during dinner? Police are calling it a hummus side. If you want to eat hummus until you die, this lemony avocado hummus would be a good one to start with. It’s super … Continue reading

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