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Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies….Fail

Let me start by saying two things. And Put the Red Sox and Halloween together and it is a very good day indeed! Not a very good day for Spider Cookies, though. My son sent me a photo of a … Continue reading

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Halloween Oreo Pumpkin Cheesecakes

This one’s for Boston. Fear The Beard. Man, I hope the Red Sox win tonight. Even if they don’t win, they have another shot tomorrow on Halloween. Which brings us to today’s super cute and really easy Halloween Oreo Pumpkin … Continue reading

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Buffalo Wing Hummus. Humming Along To A Beautiful New Song By Amy Simpson.

Buffalo Wing Hummus. The title of this recipe alone made me want to make some. Buffalo wings meet hummus. What is not to like? No disappointment here. Humble hummus is cranked up with the addition of spicy Buffalo hot sauce. … Continue reading

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Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls. New Music From Call To Mind.

Here’s a Halloween edition of Simon’s Cat. Always so clever and fun to watch. One of my grandmother’s specialties was Stuffed Cabbage Rolls. I have wonderful memories of those little cabbage parcels full of meat and tomato. I’ve made cabbage … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chunk Blondies. Rocking Out To The Blondies.

Man: I hear that the workers are on strike for shorter hours. Blonde: Good. I always thought that 60 minutes was too long for an hour. Woman: I see you are taking French lessons. Why is that? Blonde: I’ve adopted … Continue reading

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Jack O’ Lantern Pizza. Four Eyes On The Stereo.

Fun Pumpkin Time! Now for fun pumpkin time of the edible variety. A cheesy Jack O’ Lantern pizza. Cute and supremely good. A pumpkin cookie pan makes shaping the pizza really easy to do, but it is just as simple … Continue reading

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Severed Finger Franks. A Musical Severed Finger from Challenger!.

How about some Halloween jokes? Q: Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road? A: He didn’t have the guts. Q: What do skeletons say before they begin dining? A: Bone appetit. Q: Why don’t ghosts like parties? A: They have … Continue reading

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