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Grilled Cheeseburger Wraps. New Music From Eliot Sumner.

We had these Grilled Cheeseburger Wraps for dinner last night. I could not wait to get up this morning to dig in to the leftovers. They are fabulous and so easy to make! All of the flavors of a cheeseburger … Continue reading

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Short And Sweet. Snack Cake.

When I asked what kind of cake he would like for his birthday, my son requested one using snack cakes. I’ve made snack cake decorated cakes before like this HoHo Cream Dream Coffee Chocolate Cake and the Donut Decorated Triple … Continue reading

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Julia Child’s Spaghetti Squash With Eggplant Persillade. New Music From Vogue Dots.

Q: What is green, sings, and is at the bottom of the sink? A: Elvis Parsley. I don’t really get that at all. Moving right along. My Julia Child cookbooks have been getting mighty dusty as of late. Like everyone … Continue reading

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Buffalo Cauliflower. New Music From Spray Paint.

THIS recipe! No secret that I love Buffalo everything. So, THIS recipe! When I post something that I made the day before it’s always because I cannot wait to share it with you. That would be the case with THIS … Continue reading

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies With Avocado And Pretzel. New Music From Fable.

This is one of the most oddball chocolate chip cookie recipes I have tried. The butter is replaced with mashed avocado. Intriguing and…weird. You can’t really taste the avocado. It just makes for a very moist cookie. The chocolate chips … Continue reading

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James Bond Martini

I came across this recipe for a “James Bond Martini” in The New York Times Country Weekend Cookbook. What caught my interest was the equal parts gin and vodka and the addition of Lillet Blanc, one of my favorite summer … Continue reading

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Sautéed Buffalo Chicken Breasts With Blue Cheese Toasts. New Music From Fractions.

These were some mighty fine Buffalo chicken breasts. By simmering the breasts in a mixture of chicken broth and hot sauce, they become infused with flavor. A quick sauté makes the outside a bit crisp, while the inside gets all … Continue reading

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Black Bottom Mini Cupcakes. Rocking Out To New Music From BOROKO.

I hope you’re having a fun summer. If you need to pump up the fun even more, bake these Black Bottom Mini Cupcakes and watch everyone smile as they pop them into their mouths. The black bottom refers to the … Continue reading

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Onion Crusted Grilled Steak. Smoking New Song From Maria Evangelou.

Looking to change up your grilled steak without fuss or even a marinade? Try this super easy recipe for Onion Crusted Grilled Steak. French fried onions are the secret to these crunchy, flavorful steaks. Just crush them up with some … Continue reading

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Prawn And Sesame Lavash Toasts. New Music From The Mcooleys.

This made me laugh. I have never made a recipe quite like these very elegant and unbelievably delicious Prawn And Sesame Lavash Toasts. The unexpected combination of shrimp, chili pepper, cilantro and zucchini is a real treat. It’s lovely tucked … Continue reading

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