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Chocolate Cherry Cake

Who loved Twin Peaks? Who can tie a knot in a cherry stem with their tongue? Audrey could. Well that, my friends, is not one of my many talents. I can do a cartwheel. I can successfully perform the Heimlich … Continue reading

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Sausages With Smashed Potatoes And Cornichons

If you have about an hour I can tell you why I have not owned an outdoor barbeque grill for the past 7 years. However, this is the summer that I will once again be a proud owner of one. … Continue reading

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Hot Dog Cookies

These cookies are just as cute at a BBQ as they are as an April Fool’s treat. Hot Dog Cookies Ingredients: 1 cup butter 1/2 cup confectioners’ sugar 2 cups flour 1 tsp vanilla Red and green food coloring 3 … Continue reading

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Let’s Pig Out On Chocolate Bacon Fudge

A pound of chocolate and a pound of bacon? Add a half pound of nuts? Sounds good. So, with shopping list in hand, this little piggy went to the market. Sweet And Salty Chocolate Bacon Fudge Ingredients: 4 (4 ounce) … Continue reading

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Sausage And Waffle Breakfast Casserole

I recently had one of my oldest and dearest friends come to visit. This was her first visit since I started the blog. She was very patient, and I think amused, at all of the food photography that went on. … Continue reading

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Chowder Bake. I Know.

Given that I am off to Boston (DeVotchKa ToMorrOw!!!!!!) I thought some chowdah might be in order. But first….Let’s think about Cod for a minute. COD   ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ COD PIECE ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ DARTH VADER ⬇ … Continue reading

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Melting Snowmen Cupcakes

I know you are saying to yourself…”I’ve seen these someplace before”. I LOVE these guys. It definitely explains why they hang out on my header. I kind of think the snowman on the left looks like he is singing. My … Continue reading

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Delicious DeVotchKa. Delicious Brownie Chunk Cheesecake.

Three days until DeVotchKa. I have tickets to see the band for the first time this Saturday in Boston. Am I excited? Do I sing in the kitchen? VERY excited. I’ve been a fan of DeVotchKa for a long time. … Continue reading

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Do The Funky Chicken Piccata With Tomato Couscous

I have so many cookbooks it is not funny. I love them all and spend way too much time paging through and dreaming of what to make next. One of the things that keeps me awake at night is knowing … Continue reading

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Mixed Greens With Pears, Leerdammer, Pecans And Grapes

How about salad for a change? This one has lots of flavor and texture. Cheese, too, so you can’t go wrong giving it a try. Since we have some Dutch cheese in the recipe how about a goofy Dutch video? … Continue reading

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