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Taco Corn Bread Casserole. William Wild On The Stereo.

For quite a few of us, tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. As a New Englander, I’m especially excited to watch the game and cheer on The Patriots. That might make a bunch of you want to leave this page right … Continue reading

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Fallen-For-Chocolate Torte With Lemon Meringue Pie Macarons. Löwin On The Stereo.

Q: Why did the students eat their homework? A: Because the teacher said that it was a piece of cake. Q: Why do we put candles on top of a birthday cake? A: Because it’s too hard to put them … Continue reading

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Crawfish Pie. The Revelers On The Stereo.

This is for my NYC readers who experienced Juno, the blizzard that wasn’t. Depending on the source, it is almost crawfish season or it already started in December. Maybe that is key in Louisiana, but up here in the northeast, … Continue reading

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Quick Homemade Sausage & Lentil Soup With Toasted Cheese Bread

Yep. It’s a snow day here today. Probably the result of Vermont thinking that the blizzard further south might be contagious. Not that I mind a relaxing Tuesday at home with a pretty coat of snow outside my window…. and … Continue reading

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Short And Sweet. Lemon Squares.

These Lemon Squares are like a blast of warm sunshine on a cold day. A tender buttery crust and a tart, gooey lemon filling come together in this luscious dessert. So easy to make. So hard to stop chowing them … Continue reading

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Chicken Meatball Sub Casserole. Keeping Calm And Listening To Sway.

This Chicken Meatball Sub Casserole is chock full of contradictions. It’s a hearty meal, but with light, tender and juicy meatballs. The basil in the meatballs and sauce is evocative of late summer in a dish that is perfect for … Continue reading

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Smoked Salmon Ramen Noodles With Sautéed Kale And Spinach

Feel like serving something a bit different? Try these Smoked Salmon Ramen Noodles. I’m a bit of a sushi nut, so I loved the combination of smoked salmon, pickled ginger and a little wasabi. The poppy seeds add a delicious … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Cheesecake Layer Brownies

Right now the most viewed post here at ISITK is the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Overload Cake that I made last summer. In just 5 months it has climbed to the 2nd most popular recipe in the 4 years I’ve … Continue reading

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Pretzel Grilled Cheese With Ham, Bacon, Swiss And Honey Mustard

Pretzel #1: Did you know it takes three sheep to make a sweater? Pretzel #2: Amazing! I didn’t even know they could knit! Hey there all you soft pretzel and grilled cheese lovers. Have I got a sandwich for you! … Continue reading

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Party Time Mini Cheeseburgers With Jerk Spiced Fries. Beef Jerk On The Stereo.

Yep. That ridiculous photo has nothing to do with anything. It just illustrates how easy an internet search for one thing can bring you to something completely unrelated. I typed in ‘Deflate Gate’ and a few clicks later I happened … Continue reading

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