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Pumpkin Cake With Cranberry Mousse Filling And Cinnamon Buttercream Icing

Sorry. A friend shared this video the other day. Which immediately made me think of this. You won’t be sorry if you try this Pumpkin Cake recipe. Pumpkin Cake With Cranberry Mousse Filling And Cinnamon Buttercream Icing Ingredients for Pumpkin … Continue reading

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Skillet Macaroni And Cheese. The New Okkervil River Video.

Five cups of cheese. Yes, 5. Now that is my kind of macaroni and cheese. Just add a simple side salad and a delicious, CHEESY pasta dish is ready in a flash. Skillet Macaroni And Cheese Ingredients: 2 Tbs butter … Continue reading

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Tomato, Mozzarella And Olive Tasting Spoons

You might remember from this post, awhile back, when I bought tasting spoons because I thought they were so cute and I fell in love with them. Well, this is only the second time I’ve used the spoons. I have … Continue reading

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Cheesy Cauliflower With A Side Of Fries

Did you know that people have really laughed themselves to death? The ever entertaining Wikipedia listed these. Historical deaths attributed to laughter —In the third century B.C., the Greek stoic philosopher Chrysippus died of laughter after giving his donkey wine, … Continue reading

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Sour Cream Pancakes

Tangy and tender and terrific. That is what these pancakes are. And that is about all I have the energy to write. The Okkervil River concert yesterday has left me emotionally exhausted. In a very good way, I might add. … Continue reading

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Short And Sweet. Sweet And Salty Ice Cream Sundaes.

I’m off to see Okkervil River today, one month to the date that I saw them in Portland, Oregon. I really cannot wait. This time around I know exactly what I have to look forward to. Additionally, Okkervil River is … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Steak And Guinness Pie

If you are like me and in your car EVERY afternoon with various sport/school obligations, the slow cooker becomes a very useful ally. Slow cooker dinners with Guinness. Even better. This recipe is my favorite kind for the slow cooker. … Continue reading

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Caramel Apple Pie

Again, this video has nothing to do with anything. It’s more entertaining than me going on and on about how good this pie is. Caramel Apple Pie Ingredients for crust: 1 box (15 oz) Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts 1/4 cup … Continue reading

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Mexican Fiesta Biscuit Bake

This video has nothing to do with anything in this post. I just thought it was really funny. Nope! This Biscuit Bake recipe can be changed up in so many ways. Just start with the biscuits and salsa and top … Continue reading

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Two Dessert Recipe Fails That Get Totally Passing Grades

Complete error on my part. I made two exceptional desserts. Except that I messed both of them up. The Hokey Pokey Toffee Ice Cream Cake….How cool does that sound? I made the ‘honeycomb’ according to directions. It was all so … Continue reading

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