Aperol Spritzer Cocktail. Drinking With The Drunk Nuns.



I’ve been on a Campari kick since I (finally) discovered the Negroni. Aperol is the other very popular Italian bitter aperitif. It is sweeter than Campari with a pronounced orange flavor and lower alcohol content. If you find Campari too overwhelming on the palate, this toned down bitter might be just the thing to try.

The “Spreetz” as it’s called in Italy is simply Aperol topped up with Prosecco and sometimes a splash of soda. It’s light, refreshing and very cheerful to look at.

Aperol Spritzer Cocktail
Aperol Spritzer Cocktail


1 ounce Aperol
4 ounces Prosecco


1. Pour Aperol into a Champagne glass; top with Prosecco.

Makes 1 drink
Aperol Spritzer Cocktail Ingredients
Aperol Spritzer Cocktail

The Drunk Nuns are going to join us for some drinks. We need to catch up.

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  1. elamb says:

    It also goes well with a splash of blueberry soda if you want a sweeter option :)

  2. Joe Barron says:

    How on earth did I not see this until now? -Joey

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