Explosion Cake. New Music From Lightning Echoes.

As any long time reader will know, I absolutely adore crazy cakes. Whether colorful, different, insanely rich….anything that draws a “Wow!”.

This Explosion Cake fits the bill.

Layers of colored cake are filled with a mixture of candy that spills out when you cut into it. It’s a great surprise.

Use any colors you like for the cake layers and the candy. I went with Amirah Kassem’s (the recipe’s creator) color scheme.

Explosion Cake


2 boxes white cake mix (not angel food cake)
food coloring in various shades of your choice
3 (8-inch) cake pans, greased
1 (4-inch) round biscuit cutter
2 to 3 (1-lb) tubs cream-cheese icing
4 cups small candy-coated chocolates (like Sixlets, sprinkles, and nonpareils)
Candies to decorate outside of the cake


1. Prepare the cake mixes as directed and divide the batter equally among three bowls.

2. Mix the food-coloring shades of your choice in each bowl. (I used blue and green coloring. The third bowl I left white)

3. Divide each bowl of batter between two cake pans. (If using 3 cake pans you will need to bake the batter in batches)

4. Once all six layers have cooled, cut a circle from the center of five of the layers with the round cutter, leaving one layer intact to use for the top of the cake.

5. Set the first layer of cake on a serving plate. Cover with a thick circle of icing then smooth it with an offset spatula or knife, and place the second layer on top.

6. Repeat with the remaining center layers. (I layered mine: blue, white, green)

7. Fill the cake cavity with the sprinkle-candy mixture all the way to the top, flush with the fifth layer.

8. Spread a circle of frosting on the fifth layer, smooth it with an offset spatula or knife, and place the sixth layer on top.

9. Frost the outside of the cake then decorate with candies or piped icing.

10. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

11. Serve by cutting a large slice and slowly removing it with a cake server. The candy mixture to spill out in an explosion. (Well, a quiet cascade….)

Serves 12

Recipe from Amirah Kassem

I made the cake for my son’s 19th birthday.

He’s better looking than the cake. :)

I’m just going to sit here, eat some cake and enjoy this song from Vancouver-based duo Lightning Echoes. You should, too.

“We can make it better together”

Check out Lightning Echoes on the Website where you can buy their music.


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