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Cranberry Crumb Bars

Just back from a long car trip. Got to visit family and meet an “imaginary friend” in real life. (Hi James!). Nine states and 1400 miles of driving. Fantastic time, but always good to be back home. Now to kick … Continue reading

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It’s Drink O’Clock. Pineapple Mojitos, Creamy Salmon Spread And Sweet & Spicy Pecans.

Friday! How about some drinks and nibbles? Pineapple Mojitos are festive and not too sweet. They are perfectly paired with some spiced pecans and a dreamy salmon dip. I raise my glass to you! Thanks so much for stopping by. … Continue reading

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Short And Sweet. Sponge Finger Biscuits With Warm Liqueur Raspberries.

Did you know that 5 out of 4 people have trouble with fractions? If you are not smiling, maybe I can entice you with a really easy dessert. Mmmmm….Sponge biscuits and raspberries soaked in warm liqueur with a dollop of … Continue reading

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Elbows With Tuna, Red Pepper And Cream Sauce

Why is it that Storm Troopers are so funny out of Star Wars’ context? Now this is not a recipe I would normally spot in a book and say, “Wow! I have to make that.” Turns out I was back … Continue reading

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Wake Up To Sunrise Smoothies And Granola. Tall Tales Also On The Menu.

Who knew that Breakfast could be so funny? You know that EYE love this one. Sometimes not funny. Back to funny. Enough of that. What I have for you today is some seriously good breakfast. So good you can eat … Continue reading

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Potato Chip Cookies. Gnome: New Song New Band.

How many of you get this one? Oh yeah! Now I get it. Absolutely NOTHING to do with today’s cookies, but you did find my web address so let’s get to the recipe. I posted a Potato Chip Cookie recipe … Continue reading

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Cheeseburger Biscuit Bake. Royal Headache Is Anything But.

This video is worth it just for the Taxi Driver scene. You talkin’ to me??? Ridiculous. Definitely double this recipe. My family inhaled every last bite. Cheeseburger Biscuit Bake Ingredients: 1 1/2 pounds ground beef 1 1/2 teaspoons onion powder … Continue reading

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Bread And Butter Pudding With Irish Whiskey Sauce. WTH (I Love Cameron McGill).

Yes, I do. Bread and Butter. Buttered Bread. Bring it on. Add cream, milk, sugar and vanilla. Sure. Bread And Butter Pudding is so good. It is easy, but decadent. Throw some Whiskey Sauce on the side and you might … Continue reading

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Cheddar And JalapeƱo Grilled Brats With Mexican Grilled Corn

This video is flat out jaw dropping fun. This dinner is also fun. The grilled brats (sausage would work perfectly, too) get all crispy and ooze with spicy cheese. Sooo good. The creamy salsa coleslaw is the perfect cooling topping. … Continue reading

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Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes Layered With Oreo Swiss Buttercream. Some Rant By The Futureheads.

I saw this today and thought it was hilarious. HOW I LEARNED TO MIND MY OWN BUSINESS: I was walking past the mental hospital the other day and all the patients were shouting “13..13…13..” The fence was too high to … Continue reading

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