Short And Sweet. Sponge Finger Biscuits With Warm Liqueur Raspberries.

Did you know that 5 out of 4 people have trouble with fractions?

If you are not smiling, maybe I can entice you with a really easy dessert.

Mmmmm….Sponge biscuits and raspberries soaked in warm liqueur with a dollop of cool cream. Highly recommended and elegant, to boot.

Sponge Finger Biscuits With Warm Liqueur Raspberries


1 cup double (heavy) cream
1 Tbs confectioners’ sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup raspberry flavored liqueur (framboise)
12 sponge finger biscuits
120g (4 1/2 oz approx) raspberries


1. Whip the cream, sugar and vanilla in a small bowl until thickened, set aside.

2. Place the liqueur in a small saucepan over low heat for 1 minute or until just warmed.

3. To serve, arrange three sponge biscuits on each plate, top with raspberries, spoon over the warm liqueur and finish with the cream mixture. (I used some clotted cream in the photos, which was lovely, but the sweetened vanilla cream is much nicer.)

Serves 4

Recipe from Donna Hay Magazine

You know the Short and Sweet routine.

A Short Song.
Acid House Kings-This And That

And a Sweet Song.
Affordable Floors-Temptation

Check out Acid House Kings on Facebook and the band’s Website, where there are links to buy their music.

You know what? I am putting together a post with some bands with Crazy (Ridiculous) Names. Affordable Floors would most definitely qualify. Good thing the song is so good. Check them out on their Website and Facebook. There is a link to buy music on the Website, but I could not get it to load.


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