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Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Chowder. New Music From Criminal Hygiene.

Mmmmm. This Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Chowder is insanely good. Thick, warming and full of all the flavors that make Buffalo-anything so fantastic. Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Chowder Ingredients: 4 1/2 cups potatoes, peeled and cubed 3 cups chicken, cubed … Continue reading

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Beefy Nacho Soup

I thought you might get a kick out of these shoes. I’d love a pair of the cd playing ones. Okay friends, walk this way on over to today’s recipe for Beefy Nacho Soup. It’s super easy to make and … Continue reading

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The Easiest Tortellini Meatball Soup. Cold War Kids On The Stereo.

You are 5 ingredients, and about 15 minutes away, from a warm, hearty and healthy soup. Healthy. Yes, you read that right. I posted something that is not only easy and delicious, but good for you, too. Don’t worry, though. … Continue reading

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Herbed Potato Soup With Vegetarian Reubens

Soup and a sandwich (and a Stormtrooper or two). That’s the stuff that cool autumn nights are made of. The Herbed Potato Soup is light, fresh tasting and ready in only 30 minutes. The Vegetarian Reubens are packed with mushrooms, … Continue reading

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Bacon Dashi With Fingerling Potatoes And Clams. New Music From Bugs In The Dark.

My husband bought me the Momofuku cookbook by David Chang and Peter Meehan a few years ago. It’s a beautiful book filled with entertaining stories, gorgeous photography and really interesting recipes with an Asian slant. Every time I make something … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Beef Fajita Soup. Exorcise Yourself With New Music From Ninetails.

Yes, it was and is. Just toss the ingredients into the slow cooker, add the black beans at the end and you have a hearty soup with all of the fabulous flavors of fajitas. Slow Cooker Beef Fajita Soup Ingredients: … Continue reading

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Lasagna Soup. Catchy Tune From Okapi Sun.

That makes me laugh. And this soup made me smile. Lasagna Soup gives you all the wonderful flavors of lasagna in a warm, comforting soup. I loved the punch of cheese. The tomato sauce you choose is going to make … Continue reading

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