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Short And Sweet. Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes.

That photo cracked me up when I first saw it a few weeks ago… the middle of winter. But, here it is the second day of spring and this is what it looks like in front of my house. It’ll … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Wraps. New Music From Josh Record.

Q: What do you get when a chicken lays an egg on top of a barn? A: An eggroll. Easy. Easy. EASY. This is one of the fastest slow cooker dinners ever. Let that oxymoron settle in. Just 3 ingredients … Continue reading

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Egg-in-the-Hole Grilled Cheese. Ultra New Music From Lyon Apprentice.

Oh eggs! Sorry you so sad when you make me so happy. Okay, who loves Grilled Cheese? How about Egg In The Hole? Put them together and you have one heck of an awesome sandwich that is perfect for breakfast, … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Bun Pecan Pie. New Music From A Band Called Quinn.

I have been dying to try this pie for the longest time. I thought it would be difficult, so I kept putting it off. Difficult? I couldn’t have been more wrong! This genius pecan pie has a cinnamon bun crust … Continue reading

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30 Minute Baked Ravioli. Brilliant New Tune From King Post Kitsch.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! If you don’t have time to cook up some Irish stew or get your corned beef on, in just 30 minutes you can make a creamy, cheesy mess of baked ravioli. Not exactly Irish cuisine, but … Continue reading

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Full Irish Breakfast Fry-Up. Biggles Flys Again On The Stereo.

One of the things I look forward to most when traveling to Ireland is digging into a traditional Irish breakfast. It’s a plate loaded with lots of fried goodies, including the toast. Sweet tomato, savory mushrooms, delicately flavored bangers, oatey … Continue reading

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Black And White Rice Krispie Treats. Dreamy New Music From Mountain Bird.

What makes this variation of Cookies And Cream Rice Krispie Treats so special is the addition of Double-Stuf Oreos. I made a version here that used mini Oreos and the recipe was delicious. However, the thick cream layer in the … Continue reading

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Secret Ingredient Meatloaf. New Music From Kippi’s.

One of the best meatloaf recipes I have ever tried is this one. It has 14 ingredients, though. Not always the easiest to pull off on a busy weeknight. Enter in this Secret Ingredient Meatloaf. Just 4 ingredients. The secret … Continue reading

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Irish Nachos

That’s the caped crusader’s loss. A long while back, Jim at Rochester Plate Sauce, thought it might be fun to come up with a recipe for Irish Nachos. Jim, of course, sells a sauce that captures the flavor of the … Continue reading

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Caramel-Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies. New Music From Justin DiFebbo On The Stereo.

These cookies are completely over the top. Two honey-scented chocolate chip cookies filled with caramel to create a golf ball sized sweet treat. The caramel here has a praline like texture and is a terrific match for the cookies. Caramel-Chocolate … Continue reading

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