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Bacon And Brie Omelette Wedges With Summer Salad. New Song From Heyward Howkins.

All together now….”OW!” I hope no children were harmed in the making of that video. Moving right along. (Fast…on a leash….) Bacon and Brie make a very lovely couple. Smoky, salty, creamy and nutty all wrapped together. Throw them into … Continue reading

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Taquitos Casserole. Tacky Song.

Q: What did the monkey say when he caught his tail in the revolving door? A: It won’t be long now. I was really aiming for a tacky joke to tie in with Taquitos, but decided to monkey around instead. … Continue reading

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Short And Sweet. Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Cupcakes.

Just look at these cupcakes. Even better, take a few minutes and make the cupcakes and then eat them. That is what you really want to do today. Fudgy brownies and peanut butter cups all neatly tucked into a cupcake … Continue reading

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Electric Blue Cocktail

Well this about sums it up. While a sedate looking gin martini is, for me, the epitome of a sexy drink, there is something about crazy colored cocktails that always draw me in. This Electric Blue Cocktail is fun and … Continue reading

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Mixed Greens With Bacon and Maple Syrup Vinaigrette.

Sort of silly, but kind of cool. If you are looking for a different dressing for your mixed greens, this one is a keeper. Of course, being from Vermont, I totally loved the maple syrup addition. Mixed Greens With Bacon … Continue reading

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Chocolate Caramel Toffee Brownies. Fun New Music From Last Exit.

Yep. Complete diet buster. These may be some of the most over the top brownies out there. The batter looked like ready to eat fudge even before baking. Then with all of that caramel swirled in….Wow! Not to mention the … Continue reading

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Moroccan Lamb Meatballs With Harissa And Couscous. Music From Mister Loveless.

While honeymooning in Andalusia, my new husband and I took an overnight trip over to Morocco. I did not laugh once. I may have smiled, but it was so my husband knew that I was still functioning. Having never been … Continue reading

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Sausages With Griddled Spring Onion And Butter Bean Mash. New Music From Bridie Jackson And The Arbour.

I cannot look at this dinner without thinking that the sausage appears awfully suggestive. I’m going to spare you many of the, er, interesting images I came upon when I searched the internet for “suggestive sausages”. (My favorite is over … Continue reading

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Short And Sweet. Berries With Grilled Pound Cake.

This is much longer than today’s post and far sweeter. Calling this a real recipe post is kind of cheating. Definitely working the “short” slant here. However, I always forget how much I love grilled pound cake with berries and … Continue reading

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Tamale Pie. Dreamy New Song From Love Inks.

Saw this and made me steel myself for this weekend’s quick visit to see my Dad in NYC. So true. I am always blown away when a recipe with as few ingredients as this Tamale Pie can come out so … Continue reading

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