Short And Sweet. Raspberry Tartlets.

Rasp Jam

Hardly a recipe at all here, just a great idea for a super easy and very elegant dessert.

All you do is pair some raspberries with jam or lemon curd in purchased mini tart shells. Aren’t they sweet looking?

Rasp Tartlets in Spoons
Rasp Tartlets w/lemon curd
Raspberry Tartlets


Ready made mini tart shells
Jam and/or lemon curd
Fresh raspberries


1. Place tartlets on a serving plate. Spread jam or lemon curd over surface.
Top with raspberries. Refrigerate until serving.

Really lovely in spoons.
In spoons
Rasp Jam in spoons
rasp lemon curd
Rasp jam tartlets

Time for a short song.

Short and freakin’ weird. :)

And a sweet song.

“I don’t want any other; I just want you.
Don’t want any other and I just want you.”

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