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Short And Sweet. Easy Caramel Apple Tart.

This is so cool it cannot possibly suck. Caramel and Apples are so good together. This recipe blends yogurt with cream cheese as the creamy base, which was different, light and very nice. Top that with the apples and caramel … Continue reading

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Orange Marmalade Cocktails. Raising A Glass To State Broadcasters.

This is ridiculous fun. Perfect to watch while sipping a cocktail. If you are looking for something a little different and delicious to drink, give these Orange Marmalade Cocktails a go. All at once citrusy, slightly sweet and refreshing, they … Continue reading

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Roasted Shrimp With Feta. Parmesan Rosemary Pinwheels. Frank Turner On The Turntable.

I thought this photo was the cutest thing. Pardon Me Sir. Have you seen my kitten? Troublemaker. If you like Greek inspired food, you will love this shrimp dish. The aromatic shrimp, crunchy breadcrumb topping, rich tomato sauce and feta, … Continue reading

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Ultimate Ginger Cookies. Music From How Garbo Died.

Some Ginger humor. These Ginger Cookies have Ultimate in the title for a good reason. That reason would be that the cookies have crystallized ginger as an ingredient as well as ginger spice. The double dose of ginger makes for … Continue reading

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Halloumi Aubergine Sliders With Harissa Relish. Creepy Songs.

It is now dark and cold when I head out for my early morning run. Some days it can be just plain creepy running alone. Recently, it has been especially creepy because my headlamp reflects SO many eyes in the … Continue reading

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Easy Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas. Smiling To Scott Rudd.

Okay, if they say so. I can’t go long without making Chicken Enchiladas. There are so many variations out there that they never are boring. The last time I made them (in this post) I listed some of the different … Continue reading

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Salted Caramel And Chocolate Tart. Time For The Texas Radio Band.

As you know, some silly things make me laugh. Like this sentence: “People who sleep in socks must be very very small.” Also, as you know, I love the Salted Caramel Thing. I made this tart for my wedding anniversary … Continue reading

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Warm Artichoke Dip

I’m currently wrapping up a weekend getaway to Ireland. This video was filmed in Dublin. Pretty funny. Warm Artichoke Dip. Yum. This is an extremely good version that is jam packed loaded with cheese. Warm Artichoke Dip Ingredients: 8 ounces … Continue reading

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Quick Menu. Beef Tenderloin With Mustard Sauce, Oven Fries And Lemon Glazed Brussels Sprouts.

Who is going to go out and buy these? I still laugh at that video and my boys lassoing all around the house. Totally unrelated is this elegant menu. If you are looking for something simple to make for a … Continue reading

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Short And Sweet. Music To My Mouth Brownies.

Most of us are happy today. These brownies are the easiest to make and yes, they will be music to your mouth. The music title comes from the Symphony Chocolate that is added to the batter. Go make your mouth … Continue reading

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