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Short And Sweet. Ferrero Rocher Stuffed Chocolate Cupcakes With Nutella Buttercream.

What did the snail say to his ex wife? “I’m still leaving you.” I saw a photo of these cupcakes and couldn’t wait to try them. Any cake with candy inside is a winner in my book. And Ferrero Rocher? … Continue reading

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Burgers With Barbecue Sauce, Pepper Jack, and Jalapeños. Italian Stuffed Courgettes. Spicy Garlic Broccoli.

Yep, that cat one is about right. Celebrate the last of the warm evenings with this fab menu. If you like your food spicy, this is the meal for you. Pepper Jack and jalapeños heat up the burgers and garlic … Continue reading

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Fettuccine With Caramelized Onions, Bacon And Olives. PSY And Why? Are In The Kitchen.

Am I the last person on the planet to have heard of Gangnam Style? Has my head been in Scotland too long? Well, let me tell you, I want to learn that dance. If only to just jump into the … Continue reading

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Crustless Leek Quiche. New Song From Olympic Swimmers.

Bird brained humor to kick off the week. This Crustless Leek Quiche is perfect for breakfast, brunch or a light dinner. I especially love the combination of goat cheese and brie. Crustless Leek Quiche Ingredients: 1 tablespoon butter 4 leeks, … Continue reading

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Red Velvet Strawberry Shortcake. Perfect For That Perfect Somebody’s 50th Birthday. ♥♥♥

Top 10 Over Fifty Party Games 10. Musical Recliners 9. Spin The Bottle Of Mylanta 8. Hide And Go Pee 7. Simon Says Something Incoherent 6. Doc, Doc Goose 5. Red Rover, Red Rover, The Nurse Says Bend Over 4. … Continue reading

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Pretzel Crusted Peanut Butter Candy Brownies. Blasting Father Sculptor.

These Brownies are so good. You want this recipe. But, it’s bad for you. Sometimes you just have to shovel it in your mouth and say “Who cares?”. Back in June I made these Peanut Butter Swirl Pretzel Brownies. They … Continue reading

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Tomatoes And Burrata With Tapenade. New Calexico Album Just Out This Week.

I don’t understand why an eel is telling a joke, but somehow it makes it all the more funny for me. If your kitchen counter is overflowing with tomatoes from the garden’s last hurrah, then here is the perfect recipe … Continue reading

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Southwestern Lasagna Torta. New Music From Wild Nothing.

Where astronauts go to drink. Make a margarita and serve up this super delicious Southwestern Lasagna Torta. The classic Italian dish gets a cheesy, spicy, corny treatment. It’s a homey, warming meal chock full of flavor. Southwestern Lasagna Torta Ingredients: … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies. Cracking Tune From Doyle & The Fourfathers.

This would totally drive me bonkers if I was the Doc. I know. Again with the chocolate chip cookies. But, chocolate chip cookies are so good and there are so many different recipes out there to try. This recipe makes … Continue reading

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Super-fast Pad Thai. Super Good Plastic Animals.

I’m not joking with you. This video is a scream. Pad Thai is one of my husband’s favorite foods. He can never resist ordering it if he sees it on a menu. Since it is so easy to make, I … Continue reading

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