Werewolf Sliders

Werewolf Sliders

Q: What do you call a wolf that notices everything?

A: Awarewolf.

Halloween’s coming up soon. How about some cute Werewolf Sliders to serve for dinner?

Werewolf Sliders

Werewolf Sliders


14 oz package pulled pork or homemade pulled pork (recipe here)
1 pound green beans, cut into 2-inch long lengths
12 green olives
3 black olives, halved
6 dill pickle spears
6 slices provolone cheese
12 bread & butter pickles
12 King’s Hawaiian Original Hawaiian sweet dinner rolls


1. Heat pulled pork according to package directions (or make your own).

2. Slice dinner rolls in half. Separate the top half from bottom half.

3. Spoon a portion of the BBQ pulled pork onto bottom half of rolls.

4. Slice cheese to create “teeth and fangs” & then place on top of the pulled pork. You can also use purchased plastic fangs for some of the sliders.

5. Place top half of rolls on top off the pulled pork, creating a slider.

6. For eyes: insert 2 toothpicks into slider & place green olives into toothpicks.

7. For nose: insert one toothpick into slider, place halved olive onto toothpick.

8. For werewolf ears: cut the top inch of each pickle spear, insert into toothpick & place into slider.

9. For paws: with remaining rolls open side facing up, place spoonful of BBQ pulled pork on top. Place a slice of bread & butter pickle onto center of pulled pork.

10. For claws: place four of the 2 inch cut green beans onto each roll.

Serves 8

Recipe from King’s Hawaiian
Werewolf Sliders
Werewolf Sliders
Werewolf Sliders

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