Grilled Corn. Grilled Hot Dogs: Korean, German Or Polynesian Style.

Yes. I am a little Type A.

(Okay. Yes. I am a Major Type A with a minor in OCD)

I need to unload a few OCD disks from my brain.

Anyone, anyone?


So, I got this gas grill a few weeks ago. Never had one before.

I had an inkling that it might be a pain to clean. But, the reality was a shocker.

This is where being Type A comes in. I say to my Type B best friend, “I had no idea it was going to be such a pain to keep the gas grill clean”. She replied “Really, I don’t find it that bad at all.”

What? Am I alone in a sea of cleansers and wire brushes?

I don’t know. I’m not going to think about it. I feel better just unloading a little on you all. Thanks!

Now, it is totally worth it to spend all of that time cleaning the grill (see…we’re back there) to make a fantastic grilled meal like this one.

Grilled corn. Yum. Easy.

Grilled Hot Dogs. Delicious. Ditto the easy.

Grilled Hot Dogs with an assortment of toppings. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Grilled Corn


6 ears corn, with husks
Unsalted butter
Sea salt and pepper


1. Prepare grill.

2. Remove the outermost layer of the husks. Pull back the remaining husks just enough so that you can remove the silk. Loosely recover the corn with the husks, leaving some of the kernels exposed, which will allow them to brown slightly.

3. Grill for 5 minutes, turning frequently, until tender and heated through.

4. Serve with butter, salt and pepper.

Recipe from Cook What You Love by Bob And Melinda Blanchard

Grilled Hot Dogs


Hot dogs


1. Grill hot dogs and pile on your topping of choice.

Korean Style

Asian Mustard (I used Colman’s which has a similar bite)
Red onion, chopped

German Style

Pretzels, chopped

Polynesian Style

Hoisin sauce
Pineapple, chopped
Green onions, chopped

Hot Dog Topping ideas from Food Network Magazine

Now you know I am Type A with a touch of OCD. I’m a little crazy, but in the nicest way possible.
Violent Femmes-Crazy

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If you need to be scrubbing the components of a gas grill, then LCD is a fine accompaniment to the OCD.

Make sure you stop everything you are doing 3:08 into the song. Dance and enjoy that magical music moment. Even while the soap suds race down your arm.
LCD Soundsystem-Dance Yrself Clean

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  1. SO, after you grill the corn, spread a little mayo on it, sprinkle with chipotle powder (A LITTLE), and then roll in grated parm. It’ll kick it up a notch or two, but it really is perfect the way you present it, too.

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