Today I Sing Into A Microphone Cupcake

I made these microphone cupcakes for a middle school band party that my daughter went to today. She plays the clarinet. I sing in the kitchen.

Today’s singing was super sweet.

Microphone Cupcakes


Your favorite cake mix (I used salted chocolate that I am going to post later this week)
Your favorite icing (I used buttercream)
Sanding sugar in your choice of color (I used white, black, blue, and blue mixed with black)
Black string licorice (I can commiserate with those of you who have trouble finding this. I stockpiled after the Minions farce)
Ice cream cones


1. Cover a muffin tin with heavy duty foil and poke holes in it to place the cones in. This is the best method to keep them stable that I have come across. The brilliant idea came from this site.

2. Prepare cake batter and fill cones. Bake at directed temperature for about 20 minutes. Cool.

3. Ice the cones with tall mounds of frosting.

4. Roll in a small bowl of colored sugar. You can use your hand to gently mold it into the domed shape if the icing started to slant to one side after dipping in the sugar.

5. Use the licorice as a cord.

6. Sing

Makes about 24

If I’m going to be belting out songs into a microphone, you can bet that one of my choices would be My Life In The Funeral Service. I’ve listened to this song over a gazillion times and I still get chills when he sings “Something to help, but I can’t say, nothing comes to me now”. Love, love, love.
The FemBots-My Life In The Funeral Service

Check out The FemBots and buy their music on the band’s website.

My daughter is horrified every time that I belt out this song. C’mon, how much fun is it to sing:

“Its gettin hot in here (so hot)
So take off all your clothes
I am gettin so hot, I wanna take my clothes off”

Jill Sobule-Hot In Herre

Go visit Jill Sobule’s website to learn more and pick up her music.


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  1. mjrc says:

    i love jill solbule! “hot in herre” is covered by jenny owen youngs, too. i don’t actually know the original!

  2. I also have never heard the original, either! I like the JOY version, too. The song just cracks me up.

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  4. liz2024 says:

    You do sing in the kitchen! Those are great.

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