Cheesy Baked Bagel Pudding. Listening To Kosha Dillz.

Cheesy Baked Bagel Pudding

My son resurrected that video earlier this month. Just as ridiculously funny to me now as it was years ago.

Any time I have a crowd to feed for breakfast, I look for recipes that can be assembled the night before. Here’s one that is fun and different.

Bagels are given the bread pudding treatment being baked in a generous bath of milk and eggs. Add an herby mustard sauce, pickles and lots of cheese and you have a memorable, cozy breakfast dish.

Cheesy Baked Bagel Pudding
Cheesy Baked Bagel Pudding


6 plain bagels, halved
80g butter, softened
6 eggs
650ml whole milk
6 Tbs mustard (try a mixture of 3 Tbs yellow mustard and 3 Tbs English or French mustard)
20g finely chopped fresh herbs (such as a mix of dill, parsley, and chives)
200g emmental cheese, grated
150g dill pickles, halved (I used cornichons)


1. Spread the cut side of the bagels with the butter.

2. In a measuring cup, mix together the eggs and milk then season with salt and pepper.

3. Mix the mustards in a bowl, then stir in the herbs and 75ml of the milk mixture.

4. Layer half of the bagel halves, cut-side up, in a greased, ovenproof, 3 quart baking dish. Pour over half the milk and egg mixture and sprinkle with three quarters of the cheese. Add the rest of the bagel halves, cut-side down, then pour over the rest of the milk and egg mixture.

5. Press the bagel halves down with your hands to help them soak up the liquid.

6. Drizzle the herb-mustard mixture over the bagels, tuck in the pickles and sprinkle with the rest of the cheese.

7. Refrigerate the casserole for an hour or overnight.

8. Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F.

9. Bake the bagel pudding for 30 minutes until golden brown and slightly puffed up. Serve while hot.

Serves 6 to 8

Recipe slightly adapted from Delicious Magazine
Cheesy Baked Bagel Pudding
Cheesy Baked Bagel Pudding

We started off with a ridiculous video and today we end with one.

Total respect to these hilarious guys and their loving ode to the bagel.

“In God we crust”


Check out Kosha Dillz aka Rami Even-Esh on his Website where you can buy the music.


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