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Provolone Beef Pastry Pockets And Mixed Greens With Creamy Honey-Mustard Dressing

Two soldiers were in a tank. One said to the other, “Blub blub!” Enough blubbering. Onto some fun and fantastic Provolone Beef Pastry Pockets. Cheesy, beefy little packets with some mushrooms included. Perfect for supper with a side of salad. … Continue reading

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Iron Skillet Apple Tart. New Music From Men In The Sky.

This gorgeous Skillet Apple Tart is just the thing for dessert on a cool autumn day. Stove top cooking caramelizes the apples, which then get topped with pastry before finishing up in the oven. My tart broke up a bit … Continue reading

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Black Bean Tortilla Bake. New Music From Noah Gundersen.

Here’s a look at what I’ve recently seen through my lens. Feels like years ago already, but I had a lovely, quick getaway to The Bahamas late in October. Back home. This hearty, vegetable packed Black Bean Tortilla Bake is … Continue reading

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Salted Butter And Radish Toast. Beautiful New Song From The Glorious.

So, you are thinking, how is it I stop by here yesterday and there is this over the top Momofuku Milk Bar cake and today it’s just toast? Sure, the cake was not just any everyday cake, but this Salted … Continue reading

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Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Layer Cake. New Music From Skinny & Awkward.

I tried wearing tight jeans, but I couldn’t pull them off. I have wanted to make a Momofuku Milk Bar cake since I bought the cookbook 3 years ago. I purchased the 6 inch cake cutter. I bought acetate cake … Continue reading

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Better Than Advil Cocktail. New Music From Wicked Man.

Did you have a headache of a day? Do you have a headache from a big night? Rather than pop some aspirin try this Better Than Advil Cocktail. It’s like a light margarita with a hint of heat. Definitely one … Continue reading

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Sticky Honey Mustard Roasted Cashews. Listening To The Deadline Shakes.

Son: I’m going outside to climb a tree. Mother: Okay, but if you fall and break both your legs, don’t come running to me! I’m on board for honey-mustard anything so it’s no surprise that I adored this Honey Mustard … Continue reading

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Short And Sweet. Brownie Drop Cookies.

Ever have that dilemma where you think you want a brownie, but maybe you really want a cookie? Here is the solution. Whip up a batch of these fudgy, chocolate packed Brownie Drop Cookies. In less than 30 minutes you’ll … Continue reading

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Waffle Chicken Fingers And Smashed Fingerlings with Jalapeños

Chicken and waffles are apparently a thing in parts of the US. Not so much here in New England, but I can see the allure. Here chicken tenders are coated with waffle crumbs before getting a quick fry. The crumbs … Continue reading

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Brunch Burgers. New Music From Mahoney & The Moment.

The Brunch Burger, named for its bacon and egg morning toppings and English muffin bun, is as welcome on a dinner plate as it is the morning after a big night on the town. Well seasoned beef-pork patties are layered … Continue reading

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