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So, y’all, I am lucky enough to be joining my husband at a work meeting he is attending in the Bahamas. I brought my computer along with a few almost composed posts so I could keep things up and running. And the truth is I love to get in a post each day because it is so much fun to me and extremely relaxing.

Well, the one thing I didn’t do for some of the posts was to upload the food photos. The living might be easy in Nassau, but the high speed internet connection certainly isn’t.

That said, today will be a departure from my usual recipe/music team up. Go make your favorite recipe and have a listen to this new song from CA-based band Hy Brasil.


A couple of things caught my attention about this band. Firstly, Hy Brasil is a different kind of name. Second, the band member’s name who plays harp, requinto, and guitar is Xocoyotzin. Wow! Holy pronunciation. I hope I never have to introduce him to my friends.

Moving along, here is the music. ‘Misanthropic’,for all the hate in the title, is actually some very likeable alt-rock.

Check out Hy Brasil on Facebook. You can buy their music here.


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