Short And Sweet. Green Sherbet Froggie.

Frogs can be very cute.

Or sort of funny.

Or just plain classic.

I loved these little Sherbet Froggies. So easy to make and so light and delicious.

Very good company, too, while singing.

Green Sherbet Froggie


1 scoop lime sherbet
3 green grapes (2 small and 1 large), halved
2 fresh blueberries
Green decorating gel or icing


1. Just before serving, place a rounded scoop of sherbet on an individual serving dish. Position small grape halves for legs.
For eyes, insert large grape halves into sherbet; add blueberries for eyeballs. Draw a smile with decorating gel. Serve immediately.

Serves 1

Recipe from Taste Of Home Magazine

It will take you as long to say aloud the song title and artists as it will to listen to the song.

“If I wounded you
I’m sorry”

So good that I wished the song lasted longer.
Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore-Something, Somewhere, Sometime

Definitely sweet, this song.
The Real Tuesday Weld-Dreaming Of You

Read more about Ben Sollee on his Website and Daniel Martin Moore on his Site. You can buy Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore’s music on Sub Pop Records.

Check out The Real Tuesday Weld and buy the music on the band’s Website.


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