Short And Sweet. Donut Snowmen.

How cute are these guys?


Very sweet.

Donut Snowmen


Mini powdered sugar donuts
Candy Corn
Candy Writer in Black or Brown (You can buy them here or here)

Note: I highly recommend using the candy writers. They made it so quick to decorate the snowmen. I did the whole big batch in less than 10 minutes, pausing once to remelt the chocolate.


1. Place candy corn in donut hole.

2. Pipe on eyes and mouth. I was going to experiment with different expressions, but I was in a rush. Imagine the possibilities! The singing potential!

Idea found here.

Here’s a lovely short song.
Aunt Martha-Tompkins Sq.

This song is pretty sweet.
Hatcham Social-So So Happy Making

You can check out Hatcham Social on Myspace, the band’s Website and Facebook. Buy their music here. They’ve got a new album out.

I’m going to see Aunt Martha again on December 2nd. I’m really excited now that I know the band’s music.

Check out Aunt Martha on the band’s Website. A new video for Tompkins Sq. is up there. You can also buy Aunt Martha’s music from the site. I have all of their albums and love every one.


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  1. Rick Beyer says:

    So, the burning question is “how do you stay so thin?” :) A corollary is “are you trying to make me/us fat?”

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