Short And Sweet. Candy Corn Cakes.

These Candy Corn Cakes just might be sweeter than candy corn.

Candy Corn Cakes


1 loaf cake (a pound cake works well)
Buttercream icing (there is a great recipe here)
Black, orange and yellow food coloring
Candy eyes (1/2 inch size)
Black Twizzlers


1. Place a baked loaf cake on its side and cut in half lengthwise. A serrated knife works best.

2. Cut triangles out of the cake halves.

3. Use piping bags with #21 star tips to pipe uncolored icing, then orange, then yellow lines to create a candy corn look on each triangle of cake.

4. Add candy eyes and a thinly piped black (#5 tip) icing smile.

5. Cut licorice into pieces for the arms and legs. Insert into cakes.

Makes about 6 Candy Corn Cakes

Here is a short song that is pretty sweet.
La Chansons-Sex And Candy

A sweet song made even sweeter since it is from the album ‘Psychocandy’.
The Jesus And Mary Chain-Just Like Honey

You can check out La Chansons and buy the band’s music on their Website.

Buy The Jesus And Mary Chain’s music here. (More Scottish love).


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