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Beef, Baked Bean & Cheese Crispy Burritos. New Music From Sam Levin.

Those flamingos are pretty mesmerizing. So are these Beef, Baked Bean & Cheese Crispy Burritos. First off, there is whiskey in the beef and bean filling. Now that is different! Add in cheese, mustard and pickles and you have this … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie With Graham Cracker Crust. New Music From Gracie And Rachel.

Making a pie doesn’t get much easier than this Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie With Graham Cracker Crust. The quick filling tastes just like a chocolate chip cookie and the graham crust adds so much delicious flavor. This winner of a … Continue reading

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Posh Fish Fillet Sandwiches

Seen recently through my lens: The cat, of course. My son made this for me in woodworking class since I am a total GG freak. My son got this guy at the Tunbridge fair. He was a happy presence in … Continue reading

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Plum Sauce Pork Lettuce Wraps. New Music From Steady Holiday.

This dinner. Wow, was it good. My family inhaled these lettuce wraps in no time at all. I definitely should have doubled the quantities. The spicy-sweet meat wrapped in the cool lettuce leaves is a lovely contrast. A drizzle of … Continue reading

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Salted Caramel Brownies. New Music From CREO.

Yes, I do. Always looking out for yummy recipes to share. Here is another dessert winner from Ina Garten. Rich, moist brownies packed with chocolate chips and coated with salted caramel. Totally swoon inducing. I highly recommend these amazing brownies, … Continue reading

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Baked French Toast With Pecan Crumble

I recently made brunch for my son and his fellow a cappella group mates while they were over at my house practicing. I served this Baked French Toast With Pecan Crumble and a Cinnamon Roll Casserole. They nearly finished the … Continue reading

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Honeycrisp Apple Sangria. Dancing Around To Free From Gravity.

LOL. Free from gravity. I recently hosted a dinner party themed around Steve Jobs’ biography. There were plenty of recipes with apples including this refreshing Honeycrisp Apple Sangria. Lots of apple cider and some brandy sweeten up red wine. The … Continue reading

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