Leprechaun Cookies. Listening To Adrian Crowley.

Aren’t these guys adorable?

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a plateful of Leprechaun Cookies that only require a little cutting and pasting to decorate. So fun.

Leprechaun Cookies


Milano cookies
Vanilla icing
Orange food coloring
Orange sprinkles
Green gumdrops
Green fruit slices (I had to use spearmint candies since that was all I could find…looked as cute)
Candy eyes
Chocolate sprinkles


1. Use food coloring to tint vanilla icing orange.

2. Spread a thin layer of the tinted icing around edges of cookie to make the beard. Cover with orange sprinkles.

3. To make each hat, cut off the bottom of the gumdrops (this will allow it to stick to the hat’s “brim”), then cut the gumdrop in half vertically and stick it onto a fruit slice.

4. Use icing to attach the hat to the top of the cookie. Attach mini candy eyes with icing and a chocolate sprinkle for the mouth.

Recipe from Parents

Obs we should go to Ireland for music to accompany the leprechauns.

Dublin-based Adrian Crowley has put together a little story in this dreamy tune crooned in that warm, deep voice. It’s an incredible song.

“I am thankfully thankful”

Check out Adrian Crowley on Bandcamp where you can buy his music.


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