Gin Alexander Cocktail. New Music From Passed Out.

With equal parts gin, crème de cacao and cream, the Gin Alexander Cocktail couldn’t be easier to shake together. A sweet hint of chocolate and fragrant gin make for a smooth, heady drink. The nutmeg is a nice touch.

Gin Alexander Cocktail


1 oz gin
1 oz crème de cacao
1 oz light cream
Freshly grated nutmeg, to serve


1. Shake gin, crème de cacao and cream with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass, sprinkle with nutmeg, and serve.

Makes 1 cocktail

Recipe from The Cocktail Bible

I think a band called Passed Out can handle some Gin Alexander Cocktails. More importantly, after listening to “yeah​.​.​. it’s my birthday, don’t remind me”, I think they could use a drink. It’s from the album ‘The Aforementioned and How it Pertains to Absolutely Nothing’, a title as quirky as the post-punkish gems it contains.

Check out Passed Out on Facebook where you can learn of 2 upcoming shows in NY. You can buy their music on Bandcamp.


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