Baseball Glove Cupcake Cake. Listening To Modern Baseball.

baseball glove cupcake cake

Q: What did the Baseball Glove say to the Baseball?
A: Catch You Later!

I saw this baseball glove made of cupcakes and thought it was the cutest thing. It’s the perfect dessert for baseball themed parties and so easy to put together.
Baseball Glove Cupcake Cake
Baseball Glove Cupcake Cake


2 dozen cupcakes
Chocolate Buttercream Icing (I used this recipe. Double the quantity and you have enough to swirl all 24 cupcakes high with the icing.)
A large closed star tip for piping the swirls on the cupcakes (I used this one)
A donut, frosted with vanilla icing (Use your favorite icing. You only need a small amount, so the pre-made kind works fine.)
Red decorating icing (This ready to use can makes it easy to pipe on the “baseball” stitching)
A large board on which to arrange the cupcakes


1. Arrange cupcakes in the shape of a baseball glove. Use a dab of icing on the bottom of each cupcake to anchor them to the serving board.

2. Swirl icing onto cupcakes using an pastry bag fitted with the closed star tip.

3. Place frosted donut in center of “baseball glove”. Pipe on the red stitching.

Recipe inspired by this post

I used this donut, by the way. You could also decorate a sugar cookie.
Baseball Glove Cupcake Cake
I’m going with some Modern Baseball today.

Perfect band name to go with the cupcake cake. Perfect song for listening and reflecting.

“You and I have come such a long way,
for us to start again.”

Check out Modern Baseball on the band’s Website where you can learn of upcoming US tour dates and buy their music.


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