Dippy Eggs With Marmite Soldiers


For some of you, the title of today’s recipe might leave question marks circling around your head.

Dippy eggs (outside of Pennsylvania where they describe sunny side up or over easy eggs with runny yolks to dip toast into) are soft-boiled eggs served in egg cups.

Soldiers are how the British describe the strips of toast to dip into the egg. They (the toast strips) evidently remind them (the Brits) of soldiers on parade. Personally, I don’t get that image unless the soldiers are a bunch of Gumbys.

Then there is the Marmite, a salty-yeasty spread that isn’t exactly a household staple outside of the UK and Australia.

I love toast, I love dippy eggs and I love Marmite, so it’s no surprise I adored this recipe. The best part about it is, for the first time, I have found a no-fail recipe that gets the timing perfect for the soft-boiled egg. The Marmite on the toast and side of seeds made for a most enjoyable and different breakfast.

Dippy Eggs With Marmite Soldiers


2 eggs
4 slices whole wheat bread
1 Tbs butter
Mixed seeds, such as pumpkin and sunflower


1. Bring a pan of water to a simmer. Add 2 eggs. Simmer for 2 minutes if the eggs are at room temperature or 3 minutes if the eggs are cold from the fridge, then turn off heat. Cover the pan and leave for 2 minutes more.

2. Meanwhile, toast the bread and spread thinly with butter, then Marmite.

3. To serve, cut toast into soldiers and dip into the egg, then a few mixed seeds.

Serves 2

Recipe from BBC Good Food Magazine

I definitely don’t, but I love this song.

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