Orange-Scented Dark Rum And Dubonnet Aperitif. New Music From Chad Hollister.

Orange-Scented Dark Rum And Dubonnet Aperitif

Rumor has it that Paul Child, of the Julia household, served Orange-Scented Dark Rum And Dubonnet Aperitifs as his signature holiday cocktail. There is something so alluring about an “Aperitif”…the word, the liquid, the anticipation of the meal to follow.

The combination of the rich dark rum, herby Dubonnet and essence of orange makes this drink a heady and stiff sipper. It’s got a very festive color, too.

Orange-Scented Dark Rum And Dubonnet Aperitif
Orange-Scented Dark Rum And Dubonnet Aperitif


2 ounces dark rum
1 ounce Dubonnet
3/4 ounce dry vermouth
3 drops of orange flower water
Dash of orange bitters
Orange twists


1. Fill a rocks glass with ice.

2. In a cocktail shaker, stir the rum, Dubonnet, vermouth, orange flower water and orange bitters. Pour into the glass.

3. Pinch the twists over the drink, rub around the rim and add to the cocktail.

Makes one drink

Recipe from Food & Wine Magazine

Today I am raising my glass to fellow Vermonter, Chad Hollister, who has a lovely new song out titled ‘Breathe’. It sends a timeless message that we all need to just step back and chill. Not easy, but so nice to be told to do so by Chad’s soothing voice.

“It all seems so black and white
Just like that Vermont winter evening sky.
Just breathe, and breathe
once again.”

Check out The Chad Hollister Band on their Website, where you can learn of upcoming New England show dates and buy the music.


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