Americano Cocktail. Some Cool NY Ska From The Pandemics.

Americano Cocktail


Most people know that James Bond likes Vodka Martinis, shaken not stirred.

But, did you know that the first cocktail that he ordered in Ian Fleming’s first Bond novel, Casino Royale, was an Americano?

The Americano originated in Italy in the mid 1800s. It was originally named the Milano Torino from the origins of its ingredients, Campari and Cinzano vermouth. The name got changed to Americano when the Italians noted how much their American customers liked the cocktail.

So here is a recipe for a light and refreshing drink, slightly bitter from the Campari which also gives the cocktail its glorious red hue.

Americano Cocktail
Americano Cocktail


30 ml Campari
30 ml sweet vermouth
Club soda
Orange zest, 2 strips


1. Place ice cubes in a tall glass and top with Campari and vermouth. Top with chilled soda to taste and garnish with orange zest.

Serves 1
Americano Cocktail
Americano Cocktail
Americano Cocktail

A little head nod to The Man With The Golden Gun by The Pandemics.

A totally fun, Bond infused song.

If you enjoy ska, The Pandemics 2012 release ‘Brain On Tap’ is a cracking good album.

Check out The Pandemics on Bandcamp, where you can also buy their music.


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