Short And Sweet. Raspberry Cream Mini Fillo Cups.

Raspberry Cream Mini Fillo Cup

As Barry would sing: Looks Like We Made it.

You may not have had dessert planned for tonight what with all of the uncertainty, but a quick trip out to buy 4 ingredients will get you some fast, sweet and very elegant little bites of goodness.

If you have never tried these Athens Mini Fillo Shells (found in the frozen food section of many US grocery stores), they are extremely convenient to have on hand for quick sweet desserts and savory treats as well.

Raspberry Cream Mini Fillo Cups
Raspberry Cream Mini Fillo Cups


Mini Fillo Cups
Sweetened whipped cream
Confectioners’ sugar


1. Spoon a mound of whipped cream into each phyllo shell and top with a raspberry. Sift some confectioners’ sugar over top.

Raspberry Cream Mini Fillo Cups

A short song. Oh the raspy, catchiness of it all.

Pete Lawrie-How Could I Complain?

Love and Sweet in the title. That will do just fine for a sweet song.

Check out Pete Lawrie on Myspace. You can buy his music here.

Check out Immigrant on Kowalskiy’s Bandcamp Page. (I couldn’t find much else out about the band, other than this is singer-songwriter Graeme McNab’s eleventh album.) You can buy the music here.


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