Short And Sweet. Banoffee Puds.

Honestly. How many nightmares do you think that Zach is going to have after this? (I’ll admit to laughing, though, because I would probably never do something like this myself.)

It might be possible to calm Zach down with one of these boozy, creamy banana puds. Easy and elegant, but at the same time pure comfort food.

Banoffee Puds


2 Ginger and 2 Plain Chocolate Cookies, broken into small pieces (or your favorite mix of biscuits)
2 small bananas, sliced
2 Tbs Toffee or Caramel sauce
100ml whipping cream, whipped
1 Tbs Ginger wine
2 Tbs light brown sugar


1. Divide the crumbled biscuits between 2 x 250ml ramekins. Lay the sliced bananas on top and drizzle with the toffee sauce.

2. Whip the cream, stir in the ginger wine, then spoon over the banana base. Sprinkle with the sugar and serve.

Serves 2

Recipe from Waitrose

Recipe can be doubled easily.

A short song from the ultra cool Tiny Birds.
Tiny Birds-Love Isn't Logic

And years later, this song is still very sweet. I love the version from ‘Once’, but I really get chills from The Frames’ original.
The Frames-Falling Slowly

Check out Tiny Birds on Bandcamp, where you can buy and download their music.

You can learn more about The Frames on the band’s Website. Buy their music and check out Glen Hansard’s upcoming solo European Tour Dates. He is supporting Eddie Vedder at some shows, which should be cool.


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