Barnyard Cupcakes Are In The Kitchen. Let’s Play Some Moooooosic.

I have lots of company in the kitchen today. I’ve missed having friends with eyes to talk to and sing with.

These Barnyard Cupcakes are so cute. And guess what? They’re going to sing for you!
Here go the chicks.

The cows are moooving in.

The roosters are cocky crooners.

Holy Pork! These guys are singing their hearts out.

Barnyard Cupcakes


Your favorite cupcakes
Your favorite icing
Candy eyes (1/4″) –You can get these here
Piping bag and tips #7 and #104
Wilton Ready To Decorate Icing in Red and Black (You can tint your own, but these cans make easy work of piping the pig’s mouth, the cow’s spots and the rooster’s comb. You can buy the Icing here.)
Food coloring gels (I love AmeriColor)
Mini chocolate chips

Directions For Pig Cupcakes:

1. Tint icing pink and frost the cupcake. (Save some pink icing for the cows)

2. Use a tip #104 to pipe on ears.

3. Pipe nose with #7 tip.

4. Put a little dab of black icing on a toothpick and add two dots on the snout. (I also tried one with two mini chocolate chips, but that was a bit too big, I thought)

5. Add candy eyes.

6. Pipe on a red icing smile.

Directions For Cow Cupcakes:

1. Ice cupcakes.

2. Pipe on nose with #7 tip. Insert two mini chocolate chips, pointy side down.

3. Add two chocolate chip horns (pointy side up) and candy eyes.

4. Pipe on the black spots.

Directions For Chick Cupcakes:

1. Tint icing yellow (Save some for the rooster’s beaks)

2. Ice cupcakes.

3. Tint small amount of icing orange.

4. Pipe beak with #7 tip.

5. Pipe orange feathers. (You could do them yellow, but I wanted a bit more color. They look like little arms to me….ready to fly)

6. Add candy eyes.

Directions For The Rooster Cupcakes:

1. Ice cupcakes.

2. Pipe a yellow beak with #7 tip.

3. Pipe on a red comb squiggle.

4. Add candy eyes.

That was fun.

I may live in VT and own a barn, but one thing is certain. I am not a farmer. Not even close.
Bill Frisell-I Am Not A Farmer

Wasn’t that song nice? (You can buy Bill Frisell’s music on his website.)

The only problem is I find it really hard to sing along to instrumentals.

So, I am going to put on one of my favorite songs of all time and belt it out. Just happens to be by Farmer’s Boys.

“You told me you’re sorry
I wait all night for you
Waiting impatiently
I’m sorry too”
Farmer’s Boys-Muck It Out

Get you some Farmer’s Boys here.

Now let’s pig out.


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