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Peanut Butter-Chocolate Ice Cream Torte. Knock Knock. Who’s There? Jesus H. Foxx.

Apparently, Jesus doesn’t like Knock Knock Jokes. He does Save. And he’s your go to guy in a storm. Jesus digs music. He died for your spins. Okay, we’ve knocked that junk out of the park. How about some dessert? … Continue reading

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Homemade Gin And Swearing While Under The Influence Of Animal Magic Tricks

Homemade Gin. Now we are talking. Or swearing. In the mood for swearing? If you missed the 200th Toadcast, aptly named The Cusscast, listen here for an earful. Funny as hell. Let’s have a drink. Homemade Gin Ingredients: 1 (750ml) … Continue reading

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The Clever Music Of Trips And Falls. Cleverly Roasted Crab, Asparagus And Chicken Confit.

I’m always on the lookout for clever music. Something a bit different that makes you think a little while listening. Trips and Falls do clever extremely well. Simple and edgy. Erratic and a little tense. Lyrics that leave you wanting … Continue reading

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King Post Kitsch. Scottish Shortbread.

King Post Kitsch has its debut single, Don’t You Touch My Fucking Honeytone, out today on Song, By Toad Records. I love King Post Kitsch. There’s something about Charlie’s voice that just made me stop and take notice the first … Continue reading

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