Watermelon, Raspberry And Coconut Rum Granita. New Music From Jason Matuskiewicz.

Q: Why do lions eat raw meat?
A: They don’t know how to barbecue.

Ooh! That’s bad.

I’ll make it up to you with this sublime libation. A refreshing watermelon-raspberry granita (fancy term for shaved ice) is topped with some coconut rum and a squeeze of lime resulting in a cocktail perfect for sipping on a warm spring evening.

Watermelon, Raspberry And Coconut Liqueur Granita


1/2 cup sugar
1 1/3 cups water
500g seedless watermelon
500g frozen raspberries
2/3 cup coconut rum
Lime wedges, to serve


1. Combine the sugar and water in a small saucepan and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Cook, stirring occasionally, until sugar is dissolved.

2. Place sugar syrup, watermelon and raspberries in a blender and process until smooth.

3. Press the raspberry mixture through a fine-mesh sieve then pour into an 8 x 11-inch shallow, freezer safe container.

4. Freeze about 4 hours, until frozen.

5. Using a fork, scrape the granita and spoon into 4 glasses. Pour over the coconut run and squeeze in the lime wedges to serve.

Serves 4

Note: Leftover granita can be served to the kids (of all ages) with some whipped cream.

Recipe from Donna Hay Magazine

I would have liked ‘With My Friends’ even if I didn’t know the mental place singer Jason Matuskiewicz was in when he wrote it. It’s part of an EP that he recorded during a deeply difficult time in his life. The songs are beautiful and hopeful despite the sadness.

Check out Jason Matuskiewicz on Facebook. You can buy the music here.


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