Mark & Stormy. New Music From Drew Vision.

Mark & Stormy

I’m on a ton of email distribution lists from music promotion companies. As hard as I try, I am woefully unable to keep on top of my inbox. A catchy first line makes all the world of difference when I am prioritizing which emails to open first.

I was recently charmed by an email from Ron King, the manager for musician Drew Vision. The note was engaging from the first line and so endearing that I immediately clicked on the enclosed video link to check it out.

Well, that was a very successful click since it introduced me to the wicked talented Mr. Vision.

Checking back with Ron on what to pair Drew’s music with, he indicated that Drew’s favorite drink is Maker’s Mark & ginger beer. While his preferred rendition is the Kentucky Mule, I kept forgetting to pick up mint so am making him the mintless Mark & Stormy cocktail. The bourbon’s from Kentucky, so we are well on track!

The crisp ginger, tart lime and rich bourbon combine for a long drink that is refreshing with just a hint of warmth from the whisky.
Mark & Stormy
Mark & Stormy


Ginger beer
2 oz Maker’s Mark
Lime wedge


1. Fill a 12 oz tall glass with ice.

2. Pour in ginger beer to about 2 inches from the top. Float the Maker’s Mark on top.

3. Squeeze in the lime and garnish with the lime wedge.

Makes 1 drink

Recipe from There Will Be Bourbon
Mark & Stormy
Mark & Stormy
Mark & Stormy

Just listening to Drew Vision’s warm voice is enough to melt the ice in your drink. ‘Without You’ blends soulful R&B with some infectious pop in this loveliest of love songs.

“Save me
I’m completely useless
Without you
I’m helpless”

And because Drew is very easy on the eyes, here is the video.

Check out Drew Vision on his Website where you can link to buy the music.


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