Peppadew Margarita. Hot New Music From Le Thug.

Peppadew Margarita

Spicy-sweet peppadew peppers get to shine in this top-shelf margarita. The brine lends subtle heat while the pepper garnish adds an appealing pop of color.

Peppadew Margarita
Peppadew Margarita


Lime wedge
Flaky sea salt
2 ounces silver tequila
1 ounce Cointreau
1 ounce lime juice
1 tablespoon Peppadew brine
Peppadew pepper


1. Rub rim of a cocktail glass with the lime wedge and dip in salt.

2. Pour tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, and brine into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into prepared glass. Garnish with lime wedge and Peppadew pepper.

Makes 1 cocktail

Recipe from Martha Stewart Living Magazine
Peppadew Margarita

Glasgow-based band Le Thug have a new EP, ‘Place Is’ coming out next month.

I’ll drink to that.

“Basketball Land” presents all sorts of musical contradictions.

Firstly, the title.


While the lyrics don’t jump out with a casual listen, hoops aren’t really at play.

Then there’s an initial impression that the song drones on in a messy haze, but closer attention makes it obvious that this isn’t the case at all. More like an even wall of guitar under a deliberate, repeating beat.

Finally, such dreamy, spectral vocals are unexpectedly thrilling.

Yes, I like this very much.

What an arresting video, too. The stammering percussion is perfectly captured.

Check out Le Thug on the band’s Website and Facebook. You can get their earlier music on Bandcamp. You can pre-order ‘Place Is’ over at Song, By Toad Records.


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