Recipe Ideas For Halloween

Severed Finger Franks

The last time I did a Halloween recipe roundup was 2 years ago. Check out the post here which includes recipes for Bloody Jelly Donut Eyeballs, Spicy Witch Fingers, Bloody Cake Brains, Mummy Dogs and Mummy Burgers.

Since then I’ve made a few other spooktacular recipes that might give you inspiration for your Halloween celebration.

Like these Halloween Oreo Pumpkin Mini Cheesecakes

Adorable (almost) Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies

On the savory side, how about a Jack O’ Lantern Pizza?
Jack O’ Lantern Pizza

And then there are the kind of gross Severed Finger Franks. (That’s them, too, on the chopping block at the top of the post.)
Severed Finger Franks

Finally, I love these cute, yet creepy, little Tentacle Pot Pies.
Tentacle Pot Pies

This ‘Haunted House’ by Vermont’s own Aviators is hardly scary. It’s an awesome little slice of power pop with a wicked catchy tune. Sweet lyrics, too.

“And I can hear the clock tower ringing
The mournful ghosts in the hall still singing
Welcome to my strange dimension
I’ll let you live in my haunted mansion
I’m not a zombie plagued with sickness
I’m just a mess and you know how to fix this
If this is love we can figure it all out
In this old haunted house”

Check out Aviators on the (his?) Website, where you can buy the music. Definitely have a listen to the latest album, ‘Haunted House – And Other Stories’, just released on Monday. It’s got some really good stuff in it. A bunch of the older electronica is terrific, too.


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