Adult Capri Suns: Portable Vodka And Pink Lemonade

Adult Capri Suns


If you have had a kid or two (or four), chances are you’ve had some Capri Sun in your life.

Personally, I preferred juiceboxes. Even though they had the ‘toddler squeezes box too hard and juice comes out in a geyser’ issue:

Well, so did Capri Sun. Plus Capri Sun had that goddamned difficult straw insertion issue. The kids never learned to do their own and if they did, they put it through the side of the bag.

Despite my issues with Capri Sun, I have never had an issue with vodka and pink lemonade. Plus I am nostalgic for all of the things that defined having young children.

So, when I saw this idea for Adult Capri Suns it warmed my heart. They are really cute and very refreshing. And the straw inserts like a charm.

Adult Capri Suns
Adult Capri Suns


12 oz frozen pink lemonade concentrate
12 oz vodka
7 (1 quart) ziploc freezer bags
Ice cubes
Drinking straws


1. Combine lemonade concentrate, 40 oz of cold water and the vodka in a pitcher.

2. Put a few ice cubes into the bottom of each ziploc bag.

3. Pour one cup of vodka lemonade into each bag, insert a straw and seal around it.

Serves 7

Tip: If you are labeling the bags with a marker, do so before adding the lemonade. The condensation makes it difficult for the ink to adhere. Plus it is hard to make your letters neat while liquid is sloshing around!

Idea from here
Adult Capri Suns

I could see myself with a cooler of icy adult beverages, soaking up the sun and blasting some Franz Ferdinand. Woo Hoo….and I am!

Check out Franz Ferdinand on the band’s Website, where you can learn some upcoming European tour dates and buy their music.


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