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Caramel Cheetos And Caramel Potato Chips. My Song Of The Moment Is From Foxhunting.

Caramel and Cheetos? I’m always on the lookout for interesting things to make. Well, Caramel Cheetos fits that bill. It has all the flavors I like…Salt, sweet, cheese. I had to give it a try. On a very strange level, … Continue reading

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Fortune Cookie Cupcakes. Cracking New Song From Plastic Animals.

That eye guy? I have no idea, either. But, I do have a brilliant cupcake idea to share with you. Fortune Cookie Cupcakes. How cool is that? My son needed a treat for a class party, so I had him … Continue reading

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Avocado And Camembert Omelet. Tripping About To Halasan Bazar.

Yes, eggs on the menu today. Avocado. Yum. Camembert. Yummy. Put them together with some sour cream and load it into an omelet. Yummiest combination. I would have never thought of that one! This recipe makes 2 omelets, but definitely … Continue reading

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Americano Cocktail. Some Cool NY Ska From The Pandemics.

Most people know that James Bond likes Vodka Martinis, shaken not stirred. But, did you know that the first cocktail that he ordered in Ian Fleming’s first Bond novel, Casino Royale, was an Americano? The Americano originated in Italy in … Continue reading

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Short And Sweet. Easy Danish Kringle.

Here’s a Danish ad. (You can find the translation here) And here is a recipe for Danish Kringle. It is in no way authentic, not being pretzel shaped or anything. But, this sweet treat is fabulous and insanely easy to … Continue reading

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Seared Salmon With White Cheddar Mac & Cheese And Tomato-Fennel Beurre Blanc. Flowers On The Stereo.

Q: What did the salmon say when he swam into a wall? A: Dam! When faced with creamy White Cheddar Mac & Cheese And Tomato-Fennel Beurre Blanc, any salmon would say “Damn, that’s good!”. How do I love this meal? … Continue reading

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Pasta Pie. New Song From Tim Noyes.

This is the most excited about a dinner I have been in ages. Pasta Pie. Just look at it! I loved the presentation. All of those upright rigatonis made me smile. So, if you like cheesy pasta in meat sauce … Continue reading

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Pralines. New Music From Alan Bonner.

Feel like some pralines? This recipe is very simple. You can make the pralines without a thermometer, but using one makes it a no brainer. I love chewy pralines, which is what I made here, but I also love the … Continue reading

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Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Santa Fe. Hot New Music From Dave Hughes & The Renegade Folk Punk Band.

That’s cold. But this Slow Cooker Chicken Santa Fe is really hot. And super easy. Just throw 4 ingredients into the slow cooker. Come back 4 hours later and you’ve got some southwestern style chicken ready to go. Make this … Continue reading

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Mardi Gras Cocktail

This morning I got in step with popular culture and found out about The Harlem Shake. Ridiculous, but pretty funny. After all that, I think we need a drink. This is the last of my little Mardi Gras series. We’ve … Continue reading

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